Top 3 Plumbing Tips for Remodeling Projects

Are you planning on making upgrades to your kitchen in the near future? Is your New Year’s resolution to finally redo your bathroom? If so, Strittmatter may be able to help. Our experts are here to make sure your entire plumbing system is safe while your home undergoes necessary renovations and new construction. Keep reading to learn the top 3 plumbing tips for remodeling projects, courtesy of our skilled Denton plumbers at Strittmatter.

The Top 3 Plumbing Tips for Remodeling Projects Are:

  1. Pick Out Your Sink Before Cabinets & Counters: If you are starting a new remodeling project in either the bathroom or the kitchen, you will want to choose your sink and figure out where it will go before putting in new cabinetry or countertops. By determining the placement of your sink early in the remodeling process, you will be able to avoid piping problems later. For instance, if you are installing a mounted undercounter sink, you may end up spending more time and money to reconfigure your drains and pipes if you don’t put your sink in first.
  2. Don’t Wait to Install a New Shower or Tub: Another mistake customers often make when upgrading their bathroom is waiting to put in new stubs/showers. If you are redoing one part of your bathroom, it makes more sense to remodel your shower and tub setup as well. With all the piping in your bathroom, the changes you make to your sink and/or toilet may affect your tub/shower anyway. And with all the style and color choices for tubs and showers on the market today, you might as well get the exact bathroom remodel you want!
  3. Make Sure the Flooring Is Safe Under Your Dishwasher/Refrigerator: For kitchen remodeling projects, it is important to ensure all your appliances are ready for safe usage before you start operating them. Many homeowners make the mistake of putting in new flooring during kitchen remodels, only to leave the same flooring under their dishwasher and/or fridge. This is an extremely bad idea, as water leaks from your fridge and dishwasher can seep through old flooring easier, causing damage to your kitchen and entire property. It is also important to hire a professional who knows how to connect all your water lines properly. Many fridges come with a water hookup for ice nowadays, yet this equipment is useless if not installed correctly.

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