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Do I Need to Replace My Toilet Flapper

Do you know what a toilet flapper is? Though many homeowners are unfamiliar with this component, it’s extremely important for your to toilet to function.

If you have ever used or owned a toilet before that would not stop running, or had problems flushing, there is a good chance it was because your toilet flapper was not working correctly. When you press down the handle to flush your toilet, your flapper is lifted, allowing new water to drain out of the bowl. The flapper then stops the flow of water by sealing the flush valve when it comes back down again. While this part sometimes varies in shape and size, you will usually be able to recognize it as a piece of rubber connected to the flush valve by a chain.

It is a good idea to be proactive and change your flapper as soon as it starts to wear down. Not only will this prevent frustrating running toilets, it can also save you from having to deal with water damage, in cases where the flow of water is not stopped and ends up pouring over your toilet bowl.

You will want to replace your toilet flapper if:

  • Your toilet will not stop running
  • Your toilet no longer flushes correctly
  • Your toilet is making strange noises

You should be able to purchase a toilet flapper at the average hardware store, or various places online. While rubber flappers are certainly the most common types of toilet flappers, older toilets sometimes use tank ball flappers, which look a bit like mushrooms. Some toilets also use seat disk flappers, though these are less eco-friendly and tend to break easier, so they too are less common.

For more information about flappers and other bathroom plumbing, make sure to contact our experienced Denton plumbers at Strittmatter. We can evaluate what type of flapper best suits your toilet, and offer multiple solutions for toilets that won’t stop running or that flush incorrectly.

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