Furnace Smells

Why Does My Furnace Smell?

While Texas is not known for cold weather, you definitely don’t want to be without a proper heating system when the chilly nights roll around this winter. Luckily, Strittmatter provides heating services for all major types of equipment, including furnaces. Traditionally running on natural gas or propane (though there are electric models as well,) furnaces continue to be a reliable and popular reheating method in Texas and around the country. However, these units sometimes emit funny smells, which may either be a sign of a minor issue or a serious problem. Keep reading for the top smells you need to watch out for, courtesy of our Denton HVAC professionals at Strittmatter.

Reasons Your Furnace Smells

  1. Gas Leaks: If there is an egg-like odor coming from your furnace, there’s a good chance the problem is a gas leak. While natural gas does not have a scent, added chemicals may be added to help you detect leaks. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, so make sure to evacuate your home and call for service right away if you suspect this is the problem.
  2. Poor Burner or Flue Performance: A rotten egg smell may also be attributed to your burner or flue. These components are supposed to help exhaust gases, so if you can smell added chemicals, it’s a sign those cases may not be venting correctly.
  3. Overheated Electrical Components: If electrical components inside your furnace are getting too hot, they can produce an odor reminiscent of hot metal, burning oil, or melting plastic and rubber. If you notice this smell, shut off your furnace, unplug it, and call a technician ASAP, as electrical and wiring malfunctionings are very hazardous.
  4. A Loose Valve: If you smell a gas-like odor coming from your furnace, check to see if your gas valve has loosened. While the egg-like smell in natural gas results from chemicals, propane is likely just to have a regular gas smell. You may notice this smell when your gas valve is loose. Although it is possible to check the gas valve and tighten it yourself, it’s best to call an experienced HVAC company for assistance if the smell persists.
  5. Dead Animals: Sometimes, that odor coming from your furnace is actually a dead animal that has crawled around and died underneath it, and is now stinking up your house twofold because of the device’s heat. This is obviously a pretty nasty problem, so if you smell rotting coming from your furnace, look around your device thoroughly or call a professional to make sure there are no critter corpses underneath.

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