Cold Shower

How to Prepare Your Water Heater for Winter

Texas is hot. In this state, we don’t spend too much time getting ready for winter, because compared to other places around the country, we’ve got it pretty good. Of course, even if the colder months don’t bother us much, no one wants to have to deal with a cold shower. That’s why it’s important to know how to prepare your water heater for winter—so you don’t get a rude awakening one morning after the seasons change.

What Happens to My Water Heater During the Winter?

While your water heater may not have to work as hard as it would in parts of the U.S. where it snows, the reduced temperatures that arrive with winter will force it to use more energy. Especially in the morning, when that hot shower is a necessity, the seasonal chill will put the heating elements in your water heater’s tank under extra pressure. Although newer water heaters tend to be more energy-efficient, this can be a bigger issue if your unit is 10-years-old or older, and likely to perform worse because of general wear and tear.

What Should I Do to Improve My Water Heater’s Performance

Before we experience a shift from fall to winter weather, you should have your water heater flushed out. This will remove any excess calcium and mineral deposits that pool at the bottom of your tank where the heating elements are. Extra sediment in your tank forces your system to work harder, and in the winter, when your system is already working harder, it can put undue pressure on the unit.

Luckily, flushing out your heater’s tank can be done easily enough on your own, or you can call our experienced Highland Village plumbers at Strittmatter for assistance. We can also inspect conduct a full water heater inspection, checking not only the tank but the pilot light, burner, circuit breaker, valve and thermostat to ensure maximum efficiency. And with comprehensive repair and replacement options to suit a range of properties, you can always trust Strittmatter to keep your water heater running throughout the winter and all year-long.

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