Root Intrusion

What Causes Root Intrusion?

Root intrusion is the leading cause of serious sewer and drain problems, even though many homeowners don’t even know what it is. But take it from the professionals, you should do everything in your power to prepare for root intrusion, as it can lead to major damage for your plumbing system and larger property.

Root Intrusion 101

As a natural source of moisture, the roots in your yard are automatically drawn to your sewer system. Root intrusion happens when your tree roots start to encroach on your sewer lines, making their way in through cracks, holes, and joints between piping. Once roots invade your sewer system, they are only likely to grow, spreading and causing damage at a fast rate. As toilet paper, grease, and other debris comes in contact with the roots, clogs will form in your lines, creating obstructions that prevent your sewer system from working properly. Eventually, if the blockages caused by root intrusion get big enough, they can cause your sewer line to stop working entirely, or even burst.

How an Experienced Plumber Deals with Root Intrusion

Although there may not be a surefire way to stop root intrusion, you can at least watch out for the signs it is happening, in order to deal with the problem before it gets any worse. For starters, watch out for any nasty sewage smells in your yard and around your property. Slow or backed up drains are another sign you could have a clog in your sewer system. You may also notice certain patches where your grass is greener. This can mean a sewer line has already started to leak, in which case you should call a plumber right away.

The good news is that Strittmatter offers a variety of drain services to take care of sewer clogs and more. Whether you’re dealing with tree roots or another obstruction, we have the cutting-edge technology to take care of it. Contact us today for specials on drain clearing and other services, and let the plumbing experts at Strittmatter protect your system.

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