Running Furnace

Why Is My Furnace Fan Always Running?

Winter is in full swing, which means it’s prime furnace season. For many homeowners who use a furnace, it is common to hear the sound of the furnace fan running almost all day, leading to concern that something is wrong with their system. However, a continuously running furnace fan is not necessarily a problem. Keep reading if you have ever wondered why your furnace fan is always running, and make sure to hire our HVAC experts at Strittmatter for all the heating services you need.

What to Know About Furnace Fans

Although the sound of your furnace fan may be distracting, it’s not abnormal for it to run all the time. In fact, many furnaces are designed for the fan to run continuously, in order to create better air circulation. This is particularly true for larger houses, in which the furnace will generally have to work harder to generate warmth and eliminate cold spots. You may notice the smell of stagnant air as you hear your furnace fan run, however, these two things are not usually related. If you do detect a stale smell when running your furnace, you may need to have the air filter replaced, or to call an experienced HVAC technician to make other indoor air quality improvements.

Running your furnace all the time will lead to higher energy bills, so although the sound of your furnace fan does not necessarily heed any warning signs for your system, it should also be a reminder of your overall heating costs. You may want to call a technician to improve your home’s energy efficiency if your bills keep rising, as there could be certain contributing factors you are not aware of. For instance, if you have ductwork located outside of your house, there is a better chance that colder air will get pumped through your home, forcing your furnace to work harder.

Contact Strittmatter to Get the Most Out of Your Furnace

Ultimately, the most important part of furnace care is preparedness. While the sound of the fan is no reason to be alarmed, you should still watch out for other signs your system is not working correctly. Fortunately, our HVAC experts at Strittmatter offer comprehensive heating repair services. We are able to take care of your furnace fan and all other components, and if your unit is beyond repair, we also offer heating system installations for all major equipment.

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