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  • Heater is making banging, squealing, whistling, or grinding noises
  • Heater smells like burning plastic, overheating metal, or sulfur
  • Heater won't turn on or cycles on and off frequently
  • Heater is blowing cold air and and/or isn't providing sufficient warmth

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Top 6 Furnace Warning Signs

You might not want to believe it’s happening, but eventually, it will. Your heater will go out. And problems never arise at a convenient time. (Is there ever a convenient time for problems?) The good thing is, if you catch a problem before it becomes a total breakdown, you can avoid the stress of being completely out in the cold.

These six warning signs are indicators that your heating unit might be on its last leg. Now, none of these problems alone means that your heater needs to be replaced. But if you are seeing two or more of these signs, call Strittmatters to get your unit checked out.

1) How old is your furnace? The average furnace is expected to last between 16 and 20 years. If it’s been more than 20 years, repairing problems might be more trouble than it’s worth. Replacing the unit, instead of patching up problems, will be more cost-effective in the long run.

2) Is your heating bill going up? If you notice your heating bill going up, it could be time to replace the unit. Components of the heater can deteriorate and cause the unit to use more energy to function properly. The more energy it takes your heater to run; the more money you’ll be shelling out when the bill comes.

3) Are you having thermostat issues? If you’re always messing with the thermostat to try to get the right temperature in your home, it could be time for a new furnace. Incorrect heating can be from your unit not being able to properly heat all parts of your house, leading you to adjust the thermostat… again.

4) Is your pilot light burning yellow? The furnace flame should be burning blue. If it’s burning yellow, it could mean that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. This dangerous, poisonous gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless and could be fatal. If you suspect that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide, leave your house immediately and call your utility company to have the gas shut off. More information about carbon monoxide can be found here.

5) Are you hearing strange noises? What’s that sound coming from your furnace? If it’s making unusual banging, popping or screeching noises, that might be your furnace’s swan song.

6) Has your furnace been frequently repaired in the past two years? If your furnace has been breaking down frequently, it might be time to call it. A new furnace can be more energy efficient than your old one, saving you money on more repairs and on your utilities bill.

Furnace Usage Tips

Schedule a tune-up

Our expert SuperTechs can inspect all aspects of your heating unit to make sure it is functioning as it should. A tune-up can also catch small problems before it turns into a bigger issue. Don’t be caught off guard with a furnace breakdown. Take action to keep your family safe and warm all season.

Keep an eye on your thermostat

An important tip to use your furnace efficiently (and save money on your energy bill) is to keep an eye on your thermostat. It’s recommended to set your thermostat at 68 degrees to use energy efficiently. If that seems a little chilly, investing in a programmable thermostat can be beneficial! Programming your thermostat to heat your home to the appropriate temperature when you wake up or come home from work can reduce wear and tear on your furnace. No more cranking it up when you can’t stop shivering!

Clear the area around the furnace and vents

In order for your furnace to work properly, it needs a little breathing room. Make sure not to block vents which can disrupt the airflow in your home. Unequal air distribution will leave cold pockets in the home and cause your furnace to use more energy. Also, take a look at where your furnace is located. Keep this area free from storage boxes or any other items to reduce your risk of a fire

Use ceiling fans to stay warmer

Ceiling fans are a great tool to keep warm air moving through your home. It might seem strange to use a fan in the winter. But if it’s going in the correct direction, it can actually keep warm air where you want it! Look for a small switch on your fan that will rotate the direction of the blades. When the fan spins clockwise at a low speed, it can actually force the warm air down without making it too windy inside.

If any of these signs describe your furnace, call us at (940) 260-0386 to discuss your heating options.

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